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Mediation And Conflict Resolution

Why is Mediation and Conflict Resolution important in the workplace?

Conflict can occur at any time and between anyone, and the unpredictability of workplace conflict can make employers uneasy and be faced with a situation that can difficult to address.

Appropriately resolved conflict can have positive effects on relationships and organisations. However, when not managed efficiently and effectively, workplace conflict will impact the health of employees, business productivity and also increase the potential risk to workers’ compensation, staff retention and bullying claims.

It is important that skills and plans are in place to proactively reduce the impact of workplace conflict, as well as minimising the risk of conflict escalating. At Workplace Wellness Australia, our programs provides training for managers and employees to give them the confidence to mediate and resolve conflict.

How does Workplace Wellness approach Mediation and Conflict Resolution?

Our team of nationally accredited and experienced mediators will proactively address difficult workplace relations and conflict issues.

Our team provides professional mediation services and a full range of conflict resolution strategies for managers and employers to easily implement should workplace conflict arise.