Why choose us?

Workplace Wellness takes pride in providing your organisation with a personal, professional and reliable support service to ensure your most valuable resource – your people – are being supported to function at their best.

Our Why

People are your business’ greatest asset. They are the gateway to increased productivity, innovation and profits.

Retention of talent and the performance of your teams is directly impacted by their resilience and their perception of balance and work life satisfaction.

The largest detractor to resilience and work place satisfaction is work related stress.

The incidence of work-related stress in Australia is high, and is likely to continue to grow. Workplace stress is correlated with anxiety, psychological distress, poor mental health, and can foster unhealthy compensatory behaviours such as smoking, lack of exercise and alcohol abuse (to name a few).

Approximately 45% of employees cite work demands as a barrier to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are many psychological support strategies that can assist people to live well and have improved coping when faced with life’s challenges. Research indicates that proactively providing effective health and wellbeing resources to employees improves wellness behaviours and productivity.

Furthermore, data indicates that businesses who implement effective proactive psychological health and well-being strategies will receive significant return on investment.

Our ambition is to partner with your organisation to create a positive work environment by supporting your employee’s psychological wellbeing.

Your Difference

Our Core Values

Like you we understand that moods and emotions can have a positive impact on organisational culture and that healthy minds and positive relationships create high performance work systems.

If your workplace advocates and promotes respect for each other and believes that all employees are important no matter what their role… If you’re looking for a partner that understands and promotes these principles and values as a core of their work, we’d love to connect and explore how we might support you.


To provide you with the most effective client experience when you partner with us we employ the highest standard of professionals. Quality – not quantity – is our foundation.

Your business will receive a dependable, reliable and flexible service.  Your needs are identified through careful consultation and review and our offering is tailored to deliver on your needs.

Services are available to your employees when, where and how they need them through our effective use of technology platforms.


You’ll experience our point of difference in how we partner with you to proactively improve the psychological wellness of your employees.

Your employees will access engaging and effective wellbeing resources that are available across numerous platforms. These include newsletters, podcasts, interactive resources and videos for employees to access within the Employee Wellbeing Portal.

Proven Performance Experience

You can be confident that regardless of your industry sector, our diverse range of experience across not for profit, health, civil, construction, legal, accounting, and many others will have you covered.

If you’re seeking proven tangible benefits in relation to increased productivity, increased employee engagement, job satisfaction, motivation and a reduction in absenteeism and employee turnover then Workplace Wellness has the services and experience to support you.  Other benefits include workplace injury reduction and decreases in workers compensation premiums.

Please contact us today on 07 3535 1239 to explore how we can support your organisational goals.