Why choose us?

Workplace Wellness Australia takes pride in providing your organisation with a personal, professional and reliable support service to ensure your most valuable resource – your people – are being supported to function at their best.

Why partner with Workplace Wellness Australia?

We understand that employee wellbeing and satisfaction is a key challenge faced by most employers and addressing their concerns or issues is not always easy.

People are your business’ greatest asset. They are the gateway to increased productivity, innovation and profits which is why most businesses strive to retain the talent that they have. However, the retention of talent and the performance of your employees is directly impacted by their wellbeing, resilience and their perception of balance and work life satisfaction.

The largest detractor to resilience and workplace satisfaction is work related stress.

Workplace stress is correlated with anxiety, psychological distress, poor mental health, and can foster unhealthy compensatory behaviours such as smoking, lack of exercise and alcohol abuse (to name a few). However, there are many psychological support strategies that can assist in managing employees’ wellbeing in the workplace. Research indicates that proactively providing effective employee wellbeing resources to staff improves wellness behaviours and productivity.

We understand that every business and organisation is different and every employee has different needs. Our ambition is to partner with your organisation to create a positive work environment by supporting your employee’s wellbeing.