About us

Proactive, Educational, Responsive Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace Wellness Australia is a vibrant provider of proactive organisational improvement strategies through wellbeing resources, in addition to responsive interventions such as the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services and counselling and crisis support to organisations across Australia.

We provide proactive employee wellbeing programs and wellness services the prevention and early resolution of workplace and personal issues. Our services assist and support the ongoing performance and wellbeing of employees in your workplace to help you achieve your operational and financial goals as a successful business.

The team at Workplace Wellness Australia consists of experienced and qualified professionals strategically located throughout Australia to meet the needs of ever-changing and ever-growing modern workplaces. The experience of our team is varied, and we have specialists across a range of areas relating to workplace and personal issues.

About Our Founder – Susan Long

As the Founder of Workplace Wellness Australia, Susan Long is passionate about supporting people to be psychologically well so they can live their lives to the fullest in both a personal and professional capacity.

With more than 14 years’ experience training and providing psychological support to workplaces and organisations, Susan’s wealth of experience is invaluable in supporting her many clients to create and maintain a successful and progressive workplace. Susan’s experience also includes providing psychological support and resources in a forensic context, family therapy, working with child and adolescent services, both men’s and women’s mental health and development programs and running her own private practice for 12 years.

After practicing as a psychologist for a number of years, Susan became aware of a common issue amongst clients who expressed their dissatisfaction with the EAP counselling program in place at their workplace. In her experience, 80 percent of the success of support provided through psychological resources and counselling support only exists when there is trust and a relationship between the provider and person receiving the service.

With this notion in mind, Susan set out to create an employee support program that provided high quality psychological resources and support to employees within Australian workplaces – and Workplace Wellness Australia was born.

Ten years on, and Workplace Wellness Australia has established itself as a leading employee wellbeing provider with services based on best psychological practice, established and current research in human behaviour and wellbeing and is relatable and accessible to all employees. Susan now leads Workplace Wellness Australia to provide a holistic service that offers proactive psychological support resources and also offers access to early counselling and critical support to provide employees with support at times when they need it most. The success of Workplace Wellness Australia stems from Susan and her experienced team’s focus on understanding the companies and organisations they work with and establishing a strong relationship with them and their employee team.

Susan currently oversees the delivery of clinical services and relationships with the companies and clients Workplace Wellness Australia have the privilege of working with and supporting.

Susan’s commitment to psychologically wellbeing also stems into her dedicated volunteer work. Susan provides psychological support to clients and those affected by cancer diagnosis with a focus on maintaining wellbeing during this period of their lives. She is also a registered psychologist with the Red Cross and the Australian Psychology Society to provide psychological emergency response in the event of crisis and natural disasters, with her providing assistance during the 2011 Australian Flood Recovery Program and enquiry. Susan also enjoys running pro-bono wellbeing support workshops for her local community.

Susan holds a Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Psychology), Graduate Diploma in Orientation and Mobility, Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology and a Master of Counselling. Susan is also registered with AHPRA, and is a member of the Australian Psychology Society and EAPAA.

In her spare time, you can find Susan spending time with her sons and enjoying time with family and friends. Susan achieves a healthy work-life balance by enjoying physical exercise and indulging in the creative joys of interior decorating.